Specular L2 - Testnet
Specular is the first EVM-native optimistic rollup, and provides stronger security and decentralization properties than existing optimistic rollup solutions.
Specular is fully compatible with the EVM, and achieves:
(1) a minimal trusted computing base, improving security, auditability and upgradeability;
(2) support for permissionless, trust-minimized participation of multiple Ethereum clients, enabling client diversity; and
(3) efficient dispute resolution.
Please read our full manuscript here.
[News!] Checkout our new blog post "Towards Secure, Trust-minimized Optimistic Rollups".
We would love to get you involved in building Specular! Follow us at for more information.
Anyone can deploy smart contracts to the Specular testnet! Checkout this repo for a quick tutorial of how to deploy your own Uniswap V2 on the Specular testnet.
ChainId: 13527
Currency Symbol: ETH